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Beach Aftercare Routine

With summer in full swing, it’s time for us to take advantage of the beach weather while we can and spend as many afternoons down by the shore as possible. As much as I love the feeling of the sun beating down on me, I have to admit, summers can take a toll on my body (mostly in a good way!), and sometimes I need to give myself a little spa treatment to recover from the mini beach getaways (a vacation from a vacation, that is!). Here’s my little after-sun routine that I do after every beach trip that helps take away the fatigue of the heat and makes me feel glowing and sun-kissed:

salux towel

Scrub Away the Day: Stripping away those layers of sunblock, sweat, dirt and sand is the first step to feeling exponentially better. My favorite body exfoliating tool is the Salux towel, a nylon cloth that leaves my skin feeling silky smooth after a good scrub down. And unlike traditional exfoliating tools, the Salux towel dries quickly and doesn’t turn into a breeding ground for bacteria. And, these things last forever! You know it’s a good product too when it’s won numerous awards! You can find the Salux towel here or at a local Japanese market.

maui babe beach lotion

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize: It’s essential to keep your skin as hydrated as possible post sun exposure. Make sure you’ve exfoliated (see above!) before moisturizing, or else the lotion won’t penetrate through to your skin. My after-beach lotion of choice is the Amazing Maui Babe After Browning Lotion. Hailed as the Islander’s secret, this lotion has the right dose of vitamins and moisturizers (aloe, macadamia nut oil and antioxidants, oh my!) to return my skin back to a soft, supple state, and never leaves me feeling greasy. Bonus points for making my tans last longer! You can find this lotion on Amazon here.

Soak Up H2O: Most of us are slightly dehydrated on a daily basis, but throw in a full day of sun, and you can imagine how parched our bodies can get! I can’t emphasize this enough, but remember to hydrate at the beach, and also drink lots of water post-sun. Yes, water can be boring, but you can always infuse it with fruits and herbs to make it more interesting. I like to slice up fresh cucumbers, throw in a little bit of mint and a squeeze of lime into a pitcher of water. Bonus: Use the cucumbers as a soothing face mask after you’ve finished your water concoction.


What’s your after-beach care routine?