Beach Town Baking

Fun at my Beach Town Bakery

As you may know, aside from working on my up-and-coming cookbook, I also own and operate a bakery down in beautiful San Clemente, CA.  So what exactly goes on in my beach town bakery, Sugar Blossom Bake Shop? Aside from whipping up cupcakes and cookies, we also have many opportunities to do a lot of custom orders for customers and for corporate clients.  Here’s a “My Little Pony” cake that we made at the shop just last week:


The cake is vanilla with custard filling filled with fresh strawberries and bananas. We frosted the cake using layers of luscious buttercream.

Using fondant to make the figurines from "My Little Pony"

Using fondant to make the figurines from “My Little Pony”

My Little Pony Fondant Cake Decoration

The finished product!

In the end, we decided to top the cake with a pink ferris wheel to make it more girly and festive and oh-so-My Little Pony :) We love taking on custom orders like this one because it allows us to innovate and really get our creative juices flowing!

To see what else goes on in my beach town bakery, visit me at Sugar Blossom Bake Shop!