Beach Town Baking

Ice Cream and Homemade Waffles

I was rummaging through my kitchen storage the other day and came across a waffle maker. I don’t recall ever buying one, but apparently I did, so I figured why not test it out?

The waffle maker I found  and used is a Krups model with two square-shaped waffle stamps for home use.  It gets the job done, but if I could go back in time, I would buy a commercial flip waffle maker. I had used these in restaurants and hotels that I’ve worked at, and they definitely cook and brown batter much more evenly, producing a taller and fuller waffle.

As a child, I loved Eggo waffles with vanilla ice cream (Strange, I know!) I decided to slightly modify my childhood sweet treat by preparing homemade sweet waffles and serving them with Blue Bunny Butter Pecan ice cream. Trust me, this combo did not disappoint!

There are a ton of waffle recipes online that you can find with a simple search. I’m going to save my recipe for my upcoming cookbook, Beach Town Baking, but I will share one secret ingredient that I used in my waffle batter: powdered sugar. Obviously, it sweetens the batter, but the anti-caking ingredients in powdered sugar also help produce a crispier crust!

What’s your favorite childhood treat?