Beach Town Baking

Maple Pecan Sticky Buns

Happy Spring! Aside from the return of warm weather, I’m also really excited for spring because it’s officially…maple season! In the winter, maple trees store starch in their roots and trunks, and as the weather warms up, the starch transforms into sugar, and ultimately into the sweet, syrupy goodness that we know and love.  Around this time of year, maple production has already kicked into gear in Canada and Northeastern states like Vermont, New York and Maine.

So what better way to ring in the maple season than with some maple treats? I brainstormed some ideas and thought of the best ways I could incorporate maple syrup into baking, and I came up with Beach Town Baking’s Maple Pecan Sticky Bun. I was so excited that I immediately hopped onto my beach cruiser, rode down to the market and picked up a bottle of Coombs Family Farm Maple Syrup (made in Vermont).

These buns are especially light and fluffy and utilize a super secret ingredient (hint: it rhymes with “regatta, please”), which adds a lot of moisture to them. Since maple syrup is delicate in taste, I douse the dough, sticky topping and filling to make sure the maple flavor really shines through. This recipe is definitely going into my Beach Town Baking cookbook!