Beach Town Baking

Poached Apricots in Vanilla Syrup

I was shopping at Gelson’s Market the other day and to my pleasant surprise I saw fresh California apricots for sale. I love when California apricots start popping up at grocery stores and farmer’s markets—usually during late May or early June— because it’s a sure sign that summer is approaching!


Perfectly Ripe Apricots

I had been waiting for apricot season to arrive so I could develop a Poached Apricot recipe for my upcoming book, Beach Town Baking.

I love poaching apricots because not only is it simple, but it also really brings out the sweetness and flavor of the fruit. Plus, poaching gives the apricots a gorgeous color.

Rodelle Vanilla Beans e7a9da5cc24f11e2be4122000a1f9d51_7

I like to keep it simple and poach my apricots in a vanilla syrup. Please make sure to use whole vanilla beans, not vanilla extract. I picked up my Rodelle vanilla beans at Gelson’s as well.

Poached Apricots


Poached apricots are incredibly versatile; you can eat them warm, room temperature or even cold, and you can top them on just about anything. I prefer to eat mine with Greek-style yogurt.